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Bari Sardo

Bari Sardo is located on the Italian Island of Sardinia in the Ogliastra province. It is a small village with the population of about 4000 people. Bari Sardo was known since the ancient times and preserved the remains of many historical eras and civilizations. Here you can find the signs of different cultures from the Roman and Saracen to Spanish. Through the history of Bari Sardo it always suffered from pirates, but these raids were stopped in the last centuries. It was a religious site and with the conversion of the local population into the Christianity around the places of faith the settlements were built.

The economic key products of Bari Sardo are mainly received from the sea. Along with tourism the major attraction of guests is its gastronomy. Here you can taste the best local cuisine, which is presented also by the traditional recipes. With the high quality of served dishes Bari Sardo is known as one of the most popular centers of culinary tourism. In addition to the magnificent cuisine Bari Sardo can offer the tourists its clean sand beaches. The beaches of Bari Sardo were marked by the so-called “blue flag”, which influenced the popularity of the resort and gave the village a status of the best coastline in Italy. Among the cultural events there is an August country festival, where people can taste the best examples of traditional cuisine.

Bari Sardo is also provides the tourist for the best offers of booking hotels in Bari Sardo. Among the best hotels of Bari Sardo are Hotel la Torre Bari Sardo, Stella Dell'Est Bari Sardo, Domus De Janas Sul Mare Bari Sardo and Hotel Baia Cea Bari Sardo. Along with the villas and holiday homes located on the seacoast they offer the best services and gives you the opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday.

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